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Sales Enquiries

Trade and Public Enquiries welcome.

Cosmic Pilots are a range of characters created by Australian cartoonist and sculptor James Taylor.

They will suit 1/5 and 1/6 scale model aircraft and are cast in durable polyurethane with an average weight of around 70 grams.

Picture kindly supplied by Garth Bingley-Pullin
Size w: 80mm d: 60mm h: 78mm
Size w: 75mm d: 50mm h: 78mm
Size w: 78mm d: 60mm h: 100mm
Size w: 65mm d: 60mm h: 89mm
Colonel Slug Slaughter.
Pride of the eighth air force.
Spiffy Thompson.
A daring young man for your flying machine.
Otto Von Blech.
A cross of iron and fists of steel..
Samurai Sam
A chicken Kamikaze.
Size w: 84mm d: 70mm h: 85mm
Size w: 70mm d: 50mm h: 90mm
Size w: 80mm d: 70mm h: 90mm
Gary Gritter
The Super Sonic Stinker
Brave Barry Bones.
It's only a flesh wound!
The Rocker.
Nothin' but a hound dog!
Size w: 80mm d: 60mm h: 90mm
Flying officer Tommy.
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Cosmic Custom Pilots

Need someone extra special to pilot your pride and joy?
I can create one off custom characters for any scale.
Just contact me for a chat and a quote.

Darryl Chandler with his custom caricature

A custom pilot of Noel Rue in the cockpit of his soon to be completed Elder 40
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Cosmic Custom Miniatures

Are you famous?.....
You don't have to be.
An ideal gift idea for the hard to please.
A Caricature figurine for a friend,
family member or work colleague.
I'll even do people you don't like.
Captured doing their favourite thing


Brian Duffy Birthday

The Rain Maker

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